Saturday, February 17, 2018

Spooky Saturday Tale...!

Here is a story from the folks over at The Lineup that is strange, to say the least.

Bumps in the Night

One night a man was dozing in the spare bed in his infant daughter’s room when he heard a strange bump outside his house. Initially the man thought nothing of it, believing it to be the family cat. But the thumps continued. The man checked the porch but the cat was nowhere to be found. He then walked into the kitchen and found two figures loitering outside his front door. They knocked on the door. Both were boys, around 10 or 11, and gave off a pungent, moldy odor. “May we use your telegraph?” one of the boys said, looking up at the man. To his horror, the man realized both boys had eyes that were completely black. Ignoring the odd remark about a “telegraph,” the man told the boy he didn’t have service in his house, and shut the door. As the man slowly made his way back to his daughter’s room, the two boys thumped on the walls. The man clutched his daughter to his chest as the boys incessantly knocked against the window. Their eerie eyes and awful persistence made the man too scared to fall asleep. He remained crouched on the floor of the room for several hours, fighting to ignore the knocks that occurred every couple of minutes. The moment his wife’s alarm clock went off, however, the knocking ceased, and the black-eyed children were nowhere to be seen.

Good story for those cold and rainy nights, when you are all alone in the house...right?

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. Rain is back again.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Marbled Crayfish For Freaky Friday...!

What makes this critter so unusual is the fact that it seems to be a new comer to the system.

If you happen to come across one, do yourself a BIG favor and don't eat it! Who knows what the results could be! Pretty scary thought!

Marbled Crayfish

Photo credit: Ranja Andriantsoa

The most interesting thing about the marbled crayfish isn’t that it reproduces itself asexually; it’s that the species didn’t exist until sometime in the late 1990s. It only exists now thanks to a single mutation in a parent species that resulted in the speciation of a brand-new type of crayfish. These little critters are rather beautiful and have made their way into the pet market in Germany, but that presented a small problem: Marbled crayfish clone themselves by the hundreds!

A single female marbled crayfish can lay hundreds of eggs at one time, so people who place one into an aquarium soon find themselves in possession of more than they can handle. As a result, the species has become invasive all over the world, with especially damaging effects in places like Madagascar, where millions of clones threaten native wildlife. They have been compared to Star Trek ’s tribbles, which reproduce uncontrollably, and while they are interesting, they represent a dangerous threat to a number of ecosystems.

I wouldn't eat a mudbug if ya paid me, so there is nothing for me to worry about. Plus, I don't have an aquarium to put one of these critters in!

Coffee out on the patio this morning. Mid 70s are predicted.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Now This Scary Strange...!

Sometimes the way people act just can't be explained by anyone in their right mind.

Take this guy for instance. What reason did he have for doing what he did, ya reckon? He must have had a reason...drunk, crazy, or maybe some of both. Who knows?

Naked Came The Stranger

Photo credit: Monty Severe via the East Oregonian

On a Saturday in March 2016, Gail Wilson’s weekend began the way that so many do—with a strange naked man casually strolling through her front door and saying “Hi!” It ended in a similarly mundane fashion—with said naked man hanging upside down from a tree on her property, trying in vain to fight off the police.

After making his entrance, the man tried several times to hug Gail, which for some reason she wasn’t too keen on. While the man dragged Gail’s dog into another room, Gail managed to call 911, fearing the worst. Then, the man was suddenly in her backyard, poking around the shed, which was situated near a 15-meter (50 ft) cliff. When the police arrived, he took off running and scaled a fence . . . and over the cliff he went.

Police found him at the bottom in the condition described above, flailing and combative. After an hours-long rescue operation and a brief trip to the hospital, Steven Burton was booked on a litany of charges, including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

First thing I would do if I were the lady, is to get a different dog! Then I would start locking the front door to my house, ya know? C'mon folks! Things like this are common sense, not rocket science!

Coffee out on the patio again. Nearly 80 is predicted and I'm loving it!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Madame Mustache For Western Wednesday...!

So often when we think of the Old West, we forget about the many roles the women played, but there is no doubt that the fairer sex played an important part in the shaping of the West as we know it.

Eleanor Dumont

Perhaps born in New Orleans to Creole parents around 1829, Dumont’s early life is not well-known. What is known is that she appeared in Nevada City, opened up a gambling house and immediately enticed men with her good looks and even better manners. Dumont fell in love with conman Jack McKnight who stole her money and sold her ranch. Dumont tracked McKnight down and shot him dead. After that, she returned to gambling. She became plump and a thick line of hair began to grow on her upper lip, earning her the nickname Madame Mustache. After that, Dumont’s fortunes continued to dwindle. In 1878 she lost $300 of borrowed money in one night of gambling. She was found dead the next morning.

It seems as though even the women of the West could fall on hard times. Some ladies just weren't cut out for that particular lifestyle, I reckon.

Coffee out on the patio, where they say the temps are going to be in the 70s...and that's fine by me!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Twain Manuscript Authenticated...!

Sometimes a document is thought to be lost forever, only to be found many years later.

Normally this might not draw a lot of attention, but when the author is Mark Twain and the manuscript is an edited original first half of Huckleberry tends to make the news.

Long-lost Twain manuscript authenticated

On this day, Sotheby’s announced the discovery of a long-lost manuscript of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

The manuscript was the first half of Twain’s original version, heavily corrected in his own handwriting, which had been missing for more than a century. The manuscript surfaced when a 62-year-old Los Angeles librarian finally got around to sorting through some old papers in six trunks sent to her when an aunt from upstate New York died.

Twain, it turned out, had sent the second half of the manuscript to the librarian’s grandfather, James Gluck, who had solicited it for the Buffalo and Erie Library in Buffalo, New York, where Twain had once lived. At the time, Twain was unable to find the entire manuscript, and it was presumed lost for more than 100 years. However, it turned out that Twain did eventually find the manuscript and send it to Gluck.

A custody war over the manuscript ensued, with the sisters, the library, and the Mark Twain Papers Projects in Berkeley, California, squabbling over rights to the papers. Ultimately, the three parties struck a deal: The library would hold the rights to the physical papers, but all three parties would share in the publication rights. Because the novel contained previously unpublished material, and showed Twain’s edits, interest in publishing the manuscript was high, and in 1995 Random House won the rights to publish the book for an undisclosed price.

So often the true worth of a manuscript, or painting, or any other creation is not realized until after the death of the creator. I reckon this is true in all forms of creativity. Funny how that works, isn't it?

Coffee inside again, because it's cold and rainy again here!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Haunted Plane For Monday Mystery...!

Many strange tales come out of wartime and, and you can imagine, many involve war machines.

This particular story , found on Listverse, is about an aircraft known as Pippo.

Pippo, The Ghost Plane

In World War II, the Italian population was taking quite a beating. Their own fascist government and its Nazi allies terrorized them, while the Allied forces considered them an enemy. Still, the people in Northern Italy had an even bigger (and stranger) fear: something was out to get them, and it was personal.

That something was a mysterious plane called Pippo.

No one knew where Pippo came from, what type of plane it was, or who piloted it. Even its allegiance (whether it was loyal to the fascists or the Allied forces) remained a mystery. Pippo came from nowhere, and it was said that it fired its machine guns at anyone foolish enough to get in its way. It was recognized by the distinctive “pip-pip” sound of its engines (hence the name) and was mostly heard at night. Mostly.

Many people were terrified of Pippo, which they felt was a mystical presence that was specifically after them. You had to block all lights in your house or Pippo might open fire. Its various lethal payloads were said to include exploding pens, poisoned candy, and powerful bombs. If Pippo was bored, it would open fire on innocent farm workers.

Although Pippo sounds like a bogeyman-like ghost character, historians agree that there was something behind the myth. In reality, the plane known as Pippo was probably a series of British reconnaissance planes of the de Havilland Mosquito type (the plane model had a distinctive engine sound similar to that of Pippo) that flew all over the countryside at night. Still, Pippo the demon plane remained a ghost in collective consciousness, a means to make the horrors of war tangible. Even in the ’90s, it was still a well-known memory in Northern Italy.

This must have scared a lot of people, especially when so many folks were jumping at shadows due to the war. Bad enough when you have some idea who is trying to kill you, but even more maddening when phantoms are getting in on the act.

Coffee inside again today.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Taking Sunday Off...!

No particular reason, but it's raining and I want to sleep in a bit. In other words...I am LAZY!

See ya tomorrow!